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Commissioned program

When before the investigation commences, the client can make an appointment to place phone or online.

Interviews time investigators will examine the background information and the target person with the client to discuss details of Operations summer.

When complete discuss deployment details, the company will sign a confidentiality agreement with the client, and promised everything confidential.

Investigators will report every day in the course of the investigation target situation, providing photos and reports, as investigation process under license environment, forensic investigators will be recorded and handed over to the client.

When the investigation is completed will offer DVD, photos, audio files and text reports to clients.

When the data file handed over to the client for three days all the survey data will be destroyed.

Note: (The Company is convenient customer requirements, such as private clients worry about the time and the identity of specific problems, commissioned confidentiality agreement can be signed via email, and the company also has a designated place to meet someone to the principal's conduct, so clients can save time and is more convenient).