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Business Ethics

Asia-Pacific international private investigation agency in the Asia Pacific region's leading research firm, to avoid affecting the company's reputation, the company's training for investigators in the conduct of the line also has certain rules and requirements.

Conduct (a) When the principal investigator met with, if ultimately failed to reach a consensus, investigators can not take or copy any information.

Conduct (b) When the Company prior to the appointment of investigators operation started, investigators will also sign a (investigator confidentiality agreement), the commitment of all survey information confidential, if there is a violation subject to immediate disciplinary action.

Conduct real-time information and photo (c) action that day investigators to accurately report the target person, not false, if such target people on private cars and taxis should have a solid phase.

Conduct (four) investigators must be specified by the client time to start ten minutes earlier to survey the deployment site planning and understanding the terrain environment.